Do you make a new packing list every time you travel? Well, if so, this packing list should make your life a little easier. You asked for it, so we made it! Below you can find our BASIC Packing List for Kids. This list isn’t a comprehensive list (that comes next!) and it is for kids ages 5-12. This is the kind of list that I give to my kids when we are getting ready to go on a trip. It is simple and straight-forward. My kids can take this list and use it to pack their own bags or I can use it as I pack for them.

The packing list is broken into six categories: Clothing, Shoes, Toiletries, Medicine/First Aid, Misc., and Kid Gear. In each section there is a list of items to bring. Next to each item is a checkbox where your child or you can check each item off as you pack it. Where you might pack multiple items of the same type (i.e. four jackets) I’ve included a place to write the number of items to pack.

We hope you find this useful! We’re working on a comprehensive packing list, a babies/toddler packing list, and a carry-on packing list so stay tuned for those!